Need To Write

I was reading a biography of Margery Allingham (Golden Age Detective author of the Campion books) and found this quote, in a letter from Lavinia Davis to Margery Allingham.

‘No one ever wants to write but we do want to in that we feel unbrushed, unwashed and horrid when we don’t.’

I’d disagree with the first bit – I do want to write, though often I have the urge to write when I’m supposed to be doing something else. But I understand the second part. I feel wrong when I don’t write. I get what I call an itchy feeling – not physically itchy, but an itchy mind. I cannot settle until I write, and if I stop writing too long, I get extremely bad tempered and depressed. Settling back down to writing comes with an enormous sense of relief. My happiness levels soar.

She compares writing to what we have to do each day to keep ourselves decent, washing and brushing. It’s a necessary chore to keep ourselves healthy and happy. I could agree with that.


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