Paper Books by Christine Duncan

I don’t think it’s a secret to anyone who reads this blog that I love e-books. They are perfect for trips, wonderful for reading in bed, or on your commute or people with vision problems … . Well, e-books are pretty darn good just about any time.
But I took baby Max to the library recently, and was reminded just why paper books are good too. Max is 9 months old. And board books are fascinating to him. He is still learning to turn the pages, and he tries to eat them more often than not, but he also loves the ones like Pat the Bunny, where he can feel the textures, and the ones with the scratch and sniff stuff. E-books will probably get there one day, but then will there be no libraries?
‘Cause I have to tell you Max loved the library too. He liked the librarians, who came up to coo over him. He loved what he saw of story hour where they actually had a guy playing Polka, and some of the puzzles and mostly Max loved the other kids.
I thnk e-books rock. But I also think we can’t replace paper just yet. Not until Max can check out a scratch and sniff, textured e-book after hearing and watching a librarian read it to him and dancing to Polka music.

Stay Tuned to Rule of Three on Wednesday, when Susan Shirley guest blogs about not having a blog post.


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