Something I learned last weekend;

If you must write notes before you write a scene, try not to write them on paper.

If you must write them on paper, try not to use water-soluble ink.

If you must write them in ink, try not to place them on the same table as a glass of water.

If your notes and glass of water must be on the same table, really try very very hard not to kick the glass of water all over your notes.

Last Friday I had a scene to write, but it didn’t feel right in my head. I decided to take the weekend to think about it, and try to work it out. It was coming together nicely, but what I wrote was impacting on future events in the novel. I made little notes on little squares of paper, and put them on my desk to remind me (which is my usual habit).

My desk, however, is a little lap desk that normally sits on the floor. I put a glass of water on it. I walked back to the sofa, stumbled slightly and kicked the water all over the notes.

They’re not entirely obliterated, just half smudged and unreadable. Hopefully there’s enough left to jog my memory of what I was going to write. I am however, very annoyed with myself, and spent at least half an hour just saying ‘stupid, stupid!’ to myself. Because it was actually quite a stupid thing to do.

Still, I’ve learned my lesson. For now. I’ll forget in a month of so, and I bet I’ll do it again.


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