How to choose

How do you choose what books to read? I have a tendency to stick to my tried and tested authors. I know this is limiting, so I do try to spread my reader’s wings, and try a new author every now and again.

Well, often it’s a book catching my eye as I walk into the library. They have displays near the entrance, and often I end up picking up one of those books, usually drawn by the title or the cover (or the subject matter, if it’s a themed display).

The same happens when I walk into a bookshop, and see what’s on display. However, this is not always a guarantee I’ll enjoy the book – but at least I’ve tried something new. I have discovered some cracking books like this though.

And then there’s book club. Part of the reason I joined book club was so I would read books I’d never think of reading. I have discovered some great books this way – and some awful ones.

Of course this leads on to suggestion by friends. This works too, except when we have wildly different tastes in books.

And finally, book reviews. I don’t actually read many of these, but find they can be very useful for non-fiction books. However, when it comes to fiction books, I, again, find my tastes often differ from the reviewer dramatically.

So, what do I learn from this? Well, personally, my choice of new books usually rely on what’s on display in the library or bookshop, and catches my eye. So I need a good title, a good cover, and a good friend in the local library. Well, I already have two of those….


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