Are Magazines Dead ? by Christine Duncan

After 131 years, Ladies Home Journal has published its last issue with its July/August 214 offering. It will be available with special issues but it will no longer be available month to month.
I think most people who own a smart phone or a computer, could see this coming. I’m not saying LHJ wasn’t a good magazine. But really what can magazines offer that you can’t get online for free. Want do it yourself ideas? Pinterest is fun. Want recipes? What kind? I need to know that before I recommend from literally thousands of sites. Fashion Advice? Celebrity Gossip? Medical Advice? It’s all online with a caveat that you should be careful where you get your info.
I have subscriptions and gave subscriptions for magazines for Christmas last year. But really, I don’t see them as being available for my grandson when he grows up. Am I wrong?
Tell me folks, is there something you can get from print media that is still not available online?
Today, I went to the Farmers Market, and spoke to someone about issues going on in our city, and she recommended Nextdoor to communicate with my neighbors. I felt just a little sense of loss, that I couldn’t literally go, well, …next door, to talk to the people on my street. But even there I felt a sense of inevitability. We’re all Borg, folks. Resistance is futile.


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