The Notebooks

I’m trying to organise.

The book I’m writing is the second in a series of five (first is with publishers, waiting to be picked up). Well, it’s five now. Could be more? Maybe more? It’s a vague possibility.

However, my mind won’t stop working on the next three whilst working on this. So I have a little notebook for each of the other books in the series, and when I have an idea, or a reference or a scene, I put it in the notebook. The notebooks are in the kitchen, where I’m likely to walk past them several times a day.

Sound organised so far? Good.

Now, I also have another series planned after this one. So that’s another notebook for thoughts I have about that. My mind just won’t confine itself to one set of characters at a time, let alone one book.

Okay, so four notebooks, that’s doable.

But…I want to write some short stories based around the characters in first series. Another notebook.

And sometimes I want to burst out of crime writing altogether, and write a ghost story, like I used to. Another few notebooks.

I now have a pile of notebooks a foot high. But hey, at least I’m organised!

Except for the scraps of paper with timelines and floor plans on. And the manuscript of the current book. And all the notes on my phone and iPad and back of bus tickets….

What I need isn’t just notebooks. I need a secretary with an excellent filing system.

Wait, I think I just had another idea – I’m going to need another notebook.


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