Writing Regularly by Christine Duncan

I have been unemployed for a while so I expected that my writing would be doing well. My expectations have not been met.
I’ve done all of the things that usually work for me. I’ve scheduled writing. That works well for writing this blog and for doing the occasional non-manuscript type work. It isn’t working for my mystery writing right now.
I’ve also tried my don’t-go-to-bed-without-writing-a-page trick. I’ve fallen asleep holding a pen.
I’ve made some excuses for myself. My daughter was getting married and my middle son had given me a beautiful grandchild who I babysit as often as possible and yes, I have been looking for work, and picking up the occasional temp job. But I need to get back to writing with more regularity.
So then I had a thought. My writing buddy moved to Florida a while back and our old critique group disintegrated as another woman moved to California and a third died.
I write better when I’m in critique. I just won’t show up to critique without something new for them to look at.
But I don’t want to go through the hassle of finding a new group.
So I’m wondering how crazy is it to Skype a critique? I think I may be about to approach my buddy in Florida and see what she thinks.


One response to “Writing Regularly by Christine Duncan

  1. I like the Skype idea. I think that is a very creative solution to a problem you’ve tried in vain, so far, to get a handle on. I’m sure it would work and in fact, it may even allow you to bring additional people into your circle. I would love to hear how it works out if you do it.

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