Are Writers Arrogant? by Christine Duncan

I’ve spent a bit of time on this blog coming up with characteristics of writers. I’ve thought of a few more.
Writers tend to post those lists on Facebook on the most misused words. You know the lists: You’re vs Your, Two, Too, To, Mute vs Moot. We might not make up the lists, but boy, do we post them.
We’re also the people biting our tongues (or not and then sounding like a know-it-all) when someone says something grammatically incorrect. Not many people take well to correction, so I tend to try to not say anything, unless, of course, the person is a repeat offender. Sigh, so maybe I am a know-it-all.
When other people go to a movie, they tend to talk about the special effects, or perhaps quote a line from the movie. Writers come out of the movie talking about the writing. As in,”I’d like to rewrite that ending. I think he could have tied it up better.” or “I didn’t buy Sandra Bullock’s character in Gravity. Anyone who made it to NASA would be gutsy in the first place.”
Hmm, it sounds like all of these qualities might come across as a bit arrogant. Writers aren’t like that though, are we?


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