The Joy

There are certain scenes in stories that I always look forward to writing. They’re the ‘delicious’ scenes. They tend to be ones, for me, that are very character based, ones that reveal aspects of the character, and are very dialogue based.

Those scenes may be different for you. Maybe you like writing the action scenes, or funny ones, or very technical ones. Either way, it’s the scenes you love to write, the ones you think up even before the rest of the story.

I like to wait to write them until I know I have enough time, and won’t be interrupted. I daydream about them for days beforehand, playing the scene over and over again in my mind, with all possible permutations until I know pretty much how it’s going to go (I never know exactly how it’s going to be until I actually write it). I anticipate it like some people anticipate a fine meal. And once it’s done, I feel a wonderful sense of satisfaction.

That is the joy of writing, that makes all the struggles worthwhile.


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