Don’t Let Pain Stop You

Learn to write left-handed (or if left-handed, learn to write right-handed). Practice writing with a pen until you produce something you can read. Learn to type with that one hand until you’re at least half as fast as you can type with both.

This is because at some time (especially if your job also involves writing or computer use) your right hand may just turn into a screaming agonising ball of pain. You won’t be able to write a thing.

It is so frustrating to have a mind full of stories, yet be unable to write them down. The spirit is very willing, but the body is weak.

I get quite a lot of pain in my right wrist because I type and write so much. Stopping writing is not an option for me. So, I learnt to write left handed. It’s slower, and my left-handed hand writing is atrocious (mind you, so is my right-handed handwriting) but I can write with it, and type too.

There, not even RSI can stop me. I’m not sure if that’s dedication or bordering on madness.


One response to “Don’t Let Pain Stop You

  1. Sadly, I just switched to Dragon software because of serious hand fatigue connected to my CMT. I can still write short bursts (i.e. blog posts) but for hardcore writing, I now have downgraded.

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