It’s All About Craft by Christine Duncan

  I’ve been away most of the week, as my daughter’s wedding was Saturday.  It would be a lie to say my mind was anywhere near anything to do with writing.  But when I calmed down a little, and checked email and social media today (after checking out Facebook wedding pictures) I came back to the writing world.  It’s a world I generally like.  It feels comfortable.

   But today for just a bit, I noticed that we authors do a lot of complaining.  “I hate outlines.”  OMG, I can’t do a one page synopsis.”  “I have no idea what I should call this.  There must be a better way to figure out titles.”  

   We authors do a lot of whining and carping.

   And for just a minute today, I was inpatient with that.   While I’m aware that it is the need to find knowledge about the craft that inspires most of these questions, today the way we do that bothered me.  The fate of this world does not depend on your title.  Yes, it might help you sell your book to an agent, or an editor, or a reader, but it will not give third world countries access to clean water or make the pine beetle stop eating whole forests of evergreens.  It’s a title.

   So I needed Michelle’s post about needing to read what other authors have to say to get me back in perspective.  Yay for blogs and yay for the people who write about writing.  And yes, yay for my blogmate.  Because although the title or outline or synopsis might not in themselves, give us world peace, the thoughts behind all those things might. And sometimes, we writers know we’re not expressing ourselves in the best way, but we’re all out there looking to make it better.  And that leads me back to that feeling of comfortableness with the writing world.  


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