What Writers Do by Christine Duncan

   I have not been a fan of Neil deGrasse Tyson.  The host of the new Cosmos struck me as a bit…oh I don’t know, condescending? But not long ago on Cosmos, he made a remark about how a writer reached over the centuries to plant thoughts and words in his mind, and I found my liking for him growing.  

    Isn’t that a cool thought?  Isn’t that what we as writers are trying so hard to do?  And how cool it is when it works–when you read the words of someone long dead, and say, “yeah, that’s right.  I believe that.” Whether it’s the words of Plato or Gene Roddenberry, there is a writer out there who isn’t writing anymore but who you have not read yet, and who can make you feel what he/she felt.  Neil deGrasse Tyson was on to something.  I really think that is why I and maybe why you write.

    Yeah, well, but still when I saw Wil Wheaton  make fun of an episode deGrasse Tyson did on Cosmos (yeah, I’m a geek, I watched Wil Wheaton’s show too.) I laughed.  


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