Blasted Spellcheck

I heard about an interview with George R. R. Martin where he said that he wrote his books on an old computer because it doesn’t correct his spelling. What a brilliant idea!

I do rely on spellcheck to a certain extent. If I’m not sure of the word, I like just putting a vague jumble of letters on the page and getting a suggestion of the correct word. But in many ways, it can be irritating. In some examples, if I spell a word just one letter wrong, the word it sometimes offers is so far way from the original idea I have no idea how it got there.

Or, even worse, it corrects what it thinks is incorrect spelling without my even noticing. It recently correcting ‘living’ (or what I had thought I’d typed for living) to ‘loving’, which was deeply embarrassing for all the characters involved, who’d have never thought of feeling that way about each other.

My word processing program also tends to suggest words, and then insist on putting that word in, whether I want it to or not. It will suggest ‘housekeeper’, as I’ve used it once further up the page, and then I have to perform all sorts of tricks to make it write simply ‘house’.

At least I’ve managed to persuade it to check for British English and not American English.

As for the grammar check – don’t talk to me about that. I turned that feature off ages ago. It really doesn’t like my writing style.

So the lesson is – I must not rely on spellcheck. I must keep an eye on spellcheck is doing. And I need to proofread more carefully to spot what spellcheck is doing. And I hate the grammar check.


One response to “Blasted Spellcheck

  1. That’s basically what I did to my old XP computer, which was turn into something useful.

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