Maybe I Have ADHD by Christine Duncan

  I was reading a magazine (old style paper) the other day when I saw an ad that told me to find out more with my cell phone.  I didn’t.  It was an ad on vacations in a place I would like to go to, but if they couldn’t tell me in the ad, I doubted they’d get me with the video on the phone.  It got me to thinking though.

   I also didn’t follow a fellow writer on her blog tour, although I wanted to support her and I do read a lot of blogs.  I didn’t watch the book trailer of someone who I had been in critique with.  I didn’t attend the chat of …never mind you get the picture.  I don’t have the time to be advertised to.

    As I just said, I read blogs, but they tend to be because I want to know something they will tell me.  For instance, I follow FionaQuinnbooks on Twitter for her writers research stuff.  I don’t always read her blog but I check out her tweets to see if I want to.  I like DP Lyle’s forensic blog  because he tells me stuff I need to know. He cuts to the chase.

    I think most of us are in the same boat.  Life is short, time is of the essence yada yada.  We need to know what’s in it for us.  Want me to read your book?  I probably want to read it.  I read a lot.  But there are a lot of books out there.  You’ve got to catch me with something interesting.  And do it quick.  Because I’m already moving on to the next thing.


One response to “Maybe I Have ADHD by Christine Duncan

  1. This is thought provoking! I have certain things I look at almost daily, first thing in the morning to get my brain warming up. But other times of day I’m pretty much focused on what I’m doing, and it’s rare that I’d be willing to switch gears right then to look at something else. I try to budget time like I budget money, and usually that works well for me, but at times I realize I have missed paying attention to the things that really matter. As with everything else, it may be a lot about finding a balance.

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