Time Eaters by Christine Duncan

   Writing is, as usual, playing second fiddle to life.  But it’s how that’s happening that is the surprise to me.  First off, I was unemployed for months, before getting a part time job just last week, so I was vitally interested in the question of extending unemployment, which means I was haunting Twitter at odd hours to see if anyone had an update on Congress’s decisions.  This is not something I’ve done much before, because although I am a Twitter fan, I always thought you could get in and out fairly quickly.  When you’re dealing with congressional decisions (or for that matter government on the local level, which also has my attention) nothing goes quickly.

    Also, I have only had a smart phone for a matter of months now.  When I got it for my birthday, I was convinced it was going to make life easier, be a wonderful time saver and that I would not be like all of my kids who are on it incessantly.  Wrong.  The intentions are good.  I can check email, figure out tomorrow’s weather so I can plan what I’m going to wear and wear the darn thing on my arm so I can listen to music and track my run, but the actions are time consuming.  I am constantly looking up things that don’t really matter (EG: Was Lou Ferrigno really on Star Trek Continues?  Why does Pandora quit on me half way through the run and what is up with this gps telling me I’m running 85 miles an hour?) and I spend endless time trying to figure out how to make the phone do the things I want the phone to do. 

    Last but not least, there is my real life, where my daughter is getting married and my son has just presented me with my first ever grandchild.  Life is wonderful but decisions on what cabinet latch will best baby proof my home and what color of gray we need for my husband’s suit to give away the bride are…time consuming.

    The difference is my reaction this time.  I’m going with the flow.  I want to write. I will write again.  Soon.  But if it doesn’t happen right now, well, I’m storing up a heck of a lot of experience to write about.



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