Blog Writers, I am Asking for Your Help Today by Christine Duncan

  I have to add this post.  I have always liked the idea of the “fourth estate”.  Writers have played a vital role in this country, exposing wrongs, leading people to think, leading to changes.  But the writers in our news media have abandoned that.  They now are just another tool for people with money not necessary a force toward good.

     I can give you examples galore from the small Colorado weekly who did not report when its own city council was being sued for being in violation of sunshine laws to big media who ignored issues.  It is no where more evident than in the fate of the long term unemployed.  Never before has Congress failed to renew unemployment insurance when the long term unemployment rate was so high.  I have a standing search on Twitter for Colorado unemployment and I watched when a headline went from “Colorado adds 3300 jobs but unemployment up” to a major area news person saying “Economy improving 33 hundred jobs added in March.”  Guess which headline got retweeted and eventually put on the news?

    Unemployed people don’t have any money.  it’s not a sexy cause.  And it’s been dragging on so long, people tend to forget.  But if we can give major corporations tax breaks, if we can send money overseas, why can’t we help our own?.  We can’t get coverage.  And we can’t get a vote in the House either.  John Boehner refuses to bring the issue to a vote.  

     The House is back in session tomorrow but unemployment is NOT on the agenda all week.  After 4 months of long term unemployed being left in the cold, all we want is to have it brought to a vote.  Please, if you blog, could you just add one sentence to your blog?  Just please ask John Boehner to bring the question of a long term unemployment extension to a vote.  That’s fair isn’t it?


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