It’s All There

It’s all inside you. Everything you need to write is all there, in your mind, somewhere. It may be deeply hidden, you may have no idea you have it, but it’s there.

Every experience you’ve ever had, every person you’ve ever met, every story you’ve ever read, every conversation you’ve had is in there somewhere. It sits there, quiet and unobserved, until the day you need it.

Sometimes it feels like there’s nothing left. You’ve plumbed the depths of your knowledge and experience and come up empty. You sit in front of a blank page, and nothing comes to mind.

So you read a book, and it sparks a memory. You see a stranger on the street, and imagine where they will go next, and what they will do. You sit in the park and daydream until your story comes together beautifully.

It’s all there inside you. You just have to find it.


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