HootSuite, #RenewUI by Christine Duncan

    A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post on Hootsuite, which a couple of writing groups that I’m in had raved about.  Hootsuite helps you put all your social media in one place where you can check Twitter, Facebook, and Linked and then compose (supposedly) one answer to all.

   I’m giving it a (reserved) thumbs up.  I do check Twitter and Facebook more easily this way, and it takes up much less room on my smart phone, partly because Hootsuite goes on the SD card and Twitter never would for some reason. That alone made it a big deal for me as my phone is always running out of room and  I’m more likely to do this stuff from the phone.  When I’m on the computer, I’m working and less likely to do social media.

   You can also compose one response and have it post everywhere.  That hasn’t worked so well for me, as I have different groups on each social media and one response definitely does not fit all.  

   I have not been able to figure out any use for hootsuite on the computer, nor do I use it to write this blog.  If anyone else has a tip, please tell me.

   Hashtags are another thing I’ve been thinking about on Twitter.  Author friends from various groups (Murder must advertise, Marketing for Romance Writers) tend to swear by hashtags.  So if they are going to promote their books, they include the hashtag and other authors from the group, when they get on Twitter look for the hashtag and retweet each others’ promo.  Uh yeah.  

    I like the idea in theory.  You get your stuff retweeted to each of their followers.  I find I still use hashtags to follow news I want to know about (like the long term unemployment extension hashtag in my post’s title here.,but I also use them to avoid the “ads” I don’t want.  As in, oh crap, there’s So and So’s post, and she’s using #romance I’m not even going to read that post, she’s just going to tell me about her latest book.


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