Dragon? by Christine Duncan

   Unlike Michelle, I’m still trying to addict myself to writing after all these years.  Apparently, despite all those Hershey bar wrappers in my trash to the contrary, I do not have an addictive personality.  But I’ve been seeing on social media, more than a few writers talking about dictating a scene.  

    I’ve never done that.  I’ve got an old version of dragon somewhere.  I have an MP3  and a cell phone I could dictate to also–it can’t be that hard to transcribe later.  I just have never done that. I suppose when the kids were younger, I felt a little weird about the whole deal, but now there is nobody home to hear me talk to myself.

     But here is the deal that I really need to know.  I don’t write with any kind of an outline.  And my stories all seem to just evolve that way.  I write, look at what I’ve written, scratch it out and write some more.  I think I’m more than a bit afraid that if I dictate the story to myself, that I will jump into something less than satisfying.  That in that search to keep myself talking, I might talk myself into a story that I won’t be able to write my way out of.

    Have  you tried dictating your writing?  How has that worked?


2 responses to “Dragon? by Christine Duncan

  1. I originally bought Dragon for my old XP about three years ago when my hand issues (have a neuro-muscular disease in my hands) were giving me fits. The issue I had with it then and will have in the future, is voicing what I write. I tried writing with it with my hands resting on the keyboards, but I still found myself with a major mental block. It eventually became relegated to being used as a dictation instrument for stuff that I’d already written by hand, either for stories or for blogging.

    Not sure if I’ll ever buy it again, but if my hands continue down the same path, I’ll have to buy it for my new computer.

  2. I’m tempted to try dictating via the MP3 player, but only so I have an alternative to jotting down notes when I’m away from home.
    I like the idea of transcription software because I like trying out different tech and software… but that doesn’t mean I’m going to use it, no matter how good it might be.
    If I’m at the computer, I’m typing. My typing speed may not be as fast as my talking speed, but that forces me to slow down and actually THINK about how I want to phrase a particular scene. And I suspect the interruptions to make sure software is recording me accurately (and not recording parental interruptions) would slow me down too much….

    In an unrelated situation, thanks for following my blog!

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