Stranger Than Fiction

Some people have photos around them. I have framed quotes. Beside me I have a Shakespeare Sonnet, the one that begins ‘let me not to the marriage of true minds’, because I think it’s beautiful. I have a Winston Churchill quote ‘never never never give up’, for obvious reasons. 
I also have an Arthur Conan Doyle quote ‘Life is infinitely stranger than anything the mind could invent’. This one has got more important lately. Every time in the past couple of weeks that I have switched the news on, I find myself saying ‘You’re kidding me!’. The news seems to be more unbelievable, more strange and more convoluted than any book.
Honestly, if you wrote a book about a huge airplane that disappeared without a trace and no-one can find it, and all the events happening around it, would anyone believe it? Or events in Russia and Ukraine at the moment, or other, smaller stories.
I keep watching the news and thinking ‘if I read this, I wouldn’t believe it’. And yet, it’s happening. So, as a writer, remember – no matter how strange or out there your idea is – the truth is far stranger. Never be afraid to write something you think could never happen – because it might just be the next item on the news.


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