Writing…as a Career? by Christine Duncan

iIthink about this post a while before making it every week.  So when I read a fellow writer’s Facebook post with a link, earlier this week, I knew I wanted to share it with all of you.  The problem has been what to say about the link.  You know, we all know that changes have been made in publishing in the last what–ten years?  fifteen?  We all know that it affects us.

  So what do I say about this link?  Read it, tell me what you think.


One response to “Writing…as a Career? by Christine Duncan

  1. What I think? I think it’s tragic that such a basic part of what makes life enjoyable is being affected to this extent by the downfall of the world’s economies. And I think the effects of this may not be knowable for a generation or so. In twenty years, the only people turning out “literature” could be those sponsored by corporations or by wealthy individuals, or else people with day jobs who take ten years to write a book and another ten to find a willing publisher.

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