Promotion Again by Christine Duncan

   I am, as usual, obsessed about promotion.  I read a post about a fellow author promoting via a Facebook party.  As near as I can tell, a Facebook party seems to be a newer version of chats.  An author offers prizes to participants, and has some kind of a thumbnail of the book along with a description.  After that, I have no clue.  I never had a clue when it was a chat either.  It’s not for lack of people trying to explain it to me.  I just can’t imagine why people want to do this.  At all.

     I have done promotion that I like.  One time, a writing group I belonged to had a promotion where each of us wrote a chapter of a story using our own characters from our books, interacting with the other writer’s characters.  (Did I say that right?)  Anyway, that one was fun.  We were all mystery writers but that was the only area in common.  Some wrote Noire, some wrote traditional, one woman’s heroine was a Vietnam Vet with as far as I can remember PTSD, my own heroine is a counselor in a battered women’s shelter.  There were a bunch of us doing this so there were a lot of different viewpoints.  Having these characters interact was a blast and we offered the story in installments as that was how we were writing it.

     I guess that is my problem with promotion.  I think it ought to be fun.  And be about writing.  Or maybe I think the writing should be promotion enough.  Sigh. 

    Meanwhile I’m still trying to learn about Triberr.  But I am as clueless about that as I was about Facebook parties.


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