Publishing by Christine Duncan

   I haven’t been using Twitter much so I wasn’t surprised last week when Twitter stocks dropped over reports of growth problems.  I didn’t like Tweeting “read my book, read my blog” and I really hated that being the only thing I read on Twitter from the authors I followed.  I tried to do comments on what was going on in my life, but then life got busy.

    But I went on Twitter today and saw someone tweeting about their blog post about crowd sourcing your writing.  I can’t find the link right now, of course, but the gist of the thing was that this would give you money to publish and a built in audience.  Huh?

   Okay, I can see where, if you were sick and needed money for some expensive treatment, crowd sourcing might be okay.  Alternatively, I can see it, if you invented the next great thing-a-majig.  But your book?

   Tell me what you think!  Could you do this? 


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