News for a Change by Christine Duncan

I live in Colorado, so it’s not surprising that there has been no actual news to be found on TV for weeks.  We have heard about the stadium in NJ, the weather in NJ, those trash talking Sea Hawks and not a whole lot else.  But I didn’t really expect much else out of this season of the year.  Still I was startled when I had to learn different news items on Facebook.  My nephew did a post on the NSA waylaying computers that people had ordered to install spyware. It didn’t exist as a story on the national news I watched.  My nephew apparently got it via Der Spiegel.

   And speaking of football, did you know the NFL was tax exempt?  Oh yeah.  Facebook again, and again, I checked and yes, it’s true.

Then I read in the Utne reader about how people in Haiti were still in makeshift camps with no sanitation while money donated to the Clinton Bush Haiti fund was used to build a big hotel (to help up tourism one would guess, but wasn’t it donated to help those poor people?) and a factory not even in the disaster zone.  I would call that a misappropriation of the funds we donated.  But I heard nothing about it on the news.

   Let’s not even start on local news. 

   I don’t think I should be getting my news from Facebook or Twitter.  When I heard that people in the middle East were doing just that, some years back, I felt sorry for them that they didn’t live in a free country.  Of all the rights we have lost in the last few years, the loss of real news, the ability to really know what is going on is the one I mourn the most.

   This was going to be a post on journalist integrity.  Obviously, what is going on in America goes beyond that.  Who can really say they know what is happening with the Trans Pacific Partnership?  Oh,, yeah, but how about them Broncos?



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