Not Just One Idea

First draft of the second book of my Victorian crime drama is written – only took me four months this time. And of course, one day someone will say ‘where did you get your ideas from?’. So, here’s where I got the ideas for this one;

My stay in hospital, and especially the urge I had to murder a particularly annoying fellow patient.

A series about Victorian murders on the BBC

The release of three Victorian novels about female detectives (well worth a read, they’re thrilling)

A talk with my agent about motive.

An overheard conversation on the bus.

Watching a family in the coffee shop (I sound like a stalker)

Oliver Twist

Random articles I came across on the internet whilst researching – well, anything really. There’s tons of stuff out there!

A book about Victorian London by Judith Flanders (if you are writing a book set in the Victorian era her books are incredibly useful)

Biscuits. And cakes. And the fact I’m not allowed to eat them any more due to medical reasons.

A conversation I had with a stranger in the launderette this morning that gave me the final piece of my puzzle.

And so many tiny little things that have been in my head for years that I have no idea how I acquired them.

People always expect a simple answer to the ‘ideas’ question, but I’m discovering there isn’t one. All my ideas are a mish-mash of things read, overheard, seen, often whilst I was not looking for something for the book at all.


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