How Do You Jumpstart Your Writing? by Christine Duncan

Over the years, I’ve tried a number of things to jumpstart my writing.  I read that you should write first thing in the morning.  I tried.  Of course, I also read I should exercise, read my Bible, eat breakfast first in the morning.  Next thing I know, it’s practically afternoon, and I haven’t even gotten to work yet.  Yeah, that effort failed.

    I also read that you should free write for a while before you sit down to your work in progress.    Just write down whatever comes into your head.  The problem was I found myself editing my freewriting.  Circling the nouns and verbs, crossing out the unnecessary adjectives.  Or worse yet, I would write about all the things that were worrying me at the time.  Did my son really take his allergy meds?  Why didn’t I watch him?  I know that kid hates his allergy meds.  Free writing lasted even less time than the first thing in the morning deal.

   Then there was the write some poetry before you write your work in progress phase.  This was supposed to make my writing more pointed, succinct. The problem with that was I got all tangled up in fixing the poetry and never got to the work in progress.

    I also went through a phase where I looked for writing prompts.  You know: write a short description of the place where you are now. Use all of the senses and make the reader want to go there.  That seemed pretty stupid to me.  I was there with all of my senses and I didn’t want to be.  I wanted to be somewhere writing.

   So how do you jumpstart your day? 


One response to “How Do You Jumpstart Your Writing? by Christine Duncan

  1. For me, I need the proverbial perfect storm to write: being fed up, the house being quiet and for the moment, music that matches the mood of what I’m writing. Blogging used to be the jumpstarter but lately that has been so sporadic and mechanical that it rarely does it for me anymore.

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