Editing …Or not by Christine Duncan

  I seem to be on a reading (not writing) jag.  Blame it on the holidays, I guess.  But for whatever reason, it happens sometimes,  I just need a writing break, and I stay up into the night reading.  I have come up with two conclusions from this.

   Number one, ebooks and self publishing are not the only changes to publishing.  It is suddenly clear to me that all of those stuck up people who complained about kids texting because they would only learn to write in acronyms and misspelled words may have been right.  It is a daunting conclusion.  But as I have waded my way through several books where BFF and vacay are acceptable parts of the text, I am forced to believe it.  I don’t think I have ever actually heard anyone say they  were going on vacay.  I always assumed it was just something used by someone too lazy to type the whole darn word.  But there it was, part of the dialog in a book that I couldn’t bring myself to finish.

    The second conclusion I have from all of this is that I don’t want to be one of those stuck up people who can’t accept the changes to the language.  I have always thought of language as living, fluid.  Change is, therefore ,inevitable.  But I don’t see myself working ROFL into the conversation (excuse me, let’s shorten that to convo as it is in the magazines I have been reading.)  It appears that updating manuscripts, a task I have been contemplating as I get a book ready to be republished, could be more difficult than changing out blackberries in the manuscript for smart phones, and getting rid of outdated devices such as land lines and heaven forbid, watches, and mp3s.

   All of these shortcuts are meant to sound so bright, so edgy, so much a part of the times.  Yet, I see them more like an old avocado green refrigerator.   Someday soon, people will be trying to pitch them out in embarrassment even though they still work perfectly fine.  In the meantime, I still need to edit.  After I get done reading a few more books.



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