Word for the Year by Christine Duncan

I’m at that point again.  I have several thoughts about my word for the year and yet,…none of them is quite right.  I thought about Choose.  Sometimes when life hands you one of those days, you can choose to turn it around. 
Choose has a spiritual meaning to me too.  “Choose you this day, who you will serve,…” Joshua 24:15

   But part of me likes the idea of in,  as in, in the moment.  I want to give whatever I am doing the best I can.  Be IN to it.  I want to be focused on what I am doing, not off thinking about what to do next. Which brings me to my next thought on word for the year:   Present. 

Our time is a present.  Unexpected happenings can be a present.  I want to be present, whereever I am.

Words are just words.  They can’t hurt,  I read that, surprisingly enough, in a book today by someone suggesting we tell our children that when someone is calling them a name.  But everything we do or think or say can only be expressed…in words.  They are so powerful, they can change how you feel about your workout, your abilities, your very self.  We as writers, instinctively know this.  Words can excite us, take us to new worlds, spin stories that open up whole new thoughts and frontiers.

   I want to pick the right word for this year.





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