Those of you that follow me on Twitter may have caught my excited announcement on New Year’s Eve that I had written 14 pages that day.

Now, that may not seem much to people who write thousands of words a day, but for nearly two months, what with illness and exhaustion and so on, I hadn’t managed more than 3 pages a day, and that not every day. I was excited, and had to tell someone – hence the tweet. I knew I was telling people who’d understand what I meant, and felt happy for me.

Now, my real-life friends – well, they’d be pleased for me too. They’re all creative types who understand what it’s like to write. But it’s taken me years to gather my group of like-minded friends. Years ago, if I’d made such an announcement, I would have been met with a chorus of ‘so what’ and ‘is that all’ and ‘well, I’ve done this today!’. Not that they were unsympathetic, they just didn’t understand.

Having a good day is good, obviously. But it’s wonderful to be able to share that with someone who understands. I love being able to share the good news, and get the good news in return. Writers work alone, but they should celebrate with others – even if it’s just online.


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