Back in the Game

Ok, I’m back in the game. Last week’s down was, as I hoped, a temporary blip.

So, what got me back? Well, watching a programme I particularly enjoy, and thinking how well written it was, spurred me on. So did realising its almost the end of the year and I really should work on getting an agent. So did watching another drama last night, with a character saying that books tend to get away from you, and want a different story written (yes, I know that feeling).

So I dived back in, and wrote. As I wrote, I realised I liked what I was writing. Not only that, but inspiration was coming back for the rest of the book. And beyond that, I’d found another layer to my characters.

I had panicked slightly. What if I never wrote again? What if the flow of ideas had dried up? What if, next time I picked up the pen, I just stared at the blank paper? And what if I was like that forever?

But I had to wait, and in the end, waiting paid off.

It does pass, those down periods. Sometimes in days, sometimes hours, sometimes months. It may come back all at once, or tentatively, the story tiptoeing back into your mind. But eventually, it does come back.


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