New Promo Terms to Learn by Christine Duncan


I’m trying to get back into promotion again and I’m finding that I have a lot of catching up to do. Facebook has been a help and I have found several promo groups there but I have to look up every other word as people use different terms than I’m used to. For instance, someone wanted to have authors sign up for a blog hop. Uh huh. I’ve done blog tours, and hosted people on tour on this very blog but hops are new to me.
Someone else mentioned they were on Triberr. I have tried to figure out Triberr but I have yet to find a great blog post on capitalizing on it although I did find a post telling me not to use Triberr. If you have a quick and easy guide, let me know and I’ll link to it.
Another author asked on a promo group if any of us had street teams. When I looked it up, it sounded wonderful, especially since I joined a group named a street team to do promo together with authors writing the same genre. It doesn’t sound like it’s quite the same as the blog post explanation, but it’s always nice to have some idea what the heck I’m doing in a group.
I set up a pro page on Facebook some time ago, but can’t say I know enough about it to capitalize on it. It’s not for lack of research though. There is even a Youtube video telling how to do it. But other authors have neat apps that tell about their books or showcase their reviews, but I haven’t found any author apps yet.
So far,it’s all research though. What promo do you find helpful? Does anyone read any of those author read-my-book tweets? Is Goodreads a help? Let me know, I need all the help I can get.


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