There is a Time and a Place by Christine Duncan

safehouse1 I never really worry about what I’m going to write here each week. Reading and writing are important to me and I know a topic will occur as the week goes on. Sure enough, this week, I was, shall we say annoyed, or maybe make that infuriated by the behavior of a fellow writer on Facebook.
This writer is a nice woman. I know that because I used to belong to one of the same (old fashioned in-person) writing groups as she does and everyone tells me what a nice woman she is. I don’t disagree. Publicly. But frankly every word out of her mouth, every character coming from her keyboard is only to promote her writing. And I don’t think that’s nice.
I believe in promotion. Everyone who has ever read this blog knows that I believe in promotion. But I will never, EVER, EVER read this woman’s books. I don’t believe people read blogs to get another spiel about how wonderful your current work is. And I believe even fewer people go on social media to get hit up that way. So for all of you out there who are promoting your books obsessively on Goodreads and Facebook, and Twitter, I have to say this. Find something else to write about. Connect. Don’t try to be a super salesman. Just be you and make an occasional real post.
Having said that, I have a confession to make. I have, again, misplaced my Twitter account password because for some reason, I believed all that hype about passwords and updated it a little too regularly. It’s connected to a long dead email account, and Twitter, in its infinite wisdom, declines to send me a new password because of that. They tell me they delete old unused accounts every so often. But since my Twitter account is connected to this blog, it isn’t unused and so won’t get deleted. It also can’t be updated, with the usual kind of off hand tweets. Sigh.
So, I’m not perfect either. But I’m still definitely hiding from this woman on Facebook.


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