l’m late! by Christine Duncan

safehouse1I can’t even tell you why except the weekend escaped my clutches even faster than usual. So instead of giving you a long post, since I know you’re in the busy part of week now, I’ll give you a couple of links to think about.

1. NanoWrimo is starting Nov 1st. If you’ve been procrastinating, here is a way to jumpstart yourself. Seriously, these folks even help by giving pep talks and the accountability of having to post your word counts can be a serious kick in the butt.

2.Marketing for Romance Writers is doing a Write Place-Write Time Pitch Camp this month. (Yeah, I should have told you sooner. It just can not be mid-October already) Anyway, they have daily classes. Join MarketingforRomanceWriters at Yahoogroups and learn how to pitch your manuscript to a publisher by learning how to do blurbs and log lines. In November, publishers will meet with Marketing for Romance Writer members in forums and let you pitch.

Have a good week, everyone!


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