Read or Not to Read

I was reading some reviews today, and it occurred to me that, inching as I am towards the possibility of being published, I may have some reviews of my own one day. What am I going to do if they’re bad reviews?

I’m not very good at dealing with criticism. I tend to obsess about it. If ten people say my work is good, and one person doesn’t like it, it will be the negative criticism I will think about, over and over again, until I can’t write without thinking about it.

I could just ignore all the reviews, good or bad. But that would mean getting no feedback on my work, and that is just not helpful. Even negative feedback can be useful, I suppose. But it can also be nasty, cruel and just downright useless. I’ve seen reviews of books that totally missed the point of the book, that misunderstood all the author’s intentions, that gave the book a bad review just because it was popular, and the reviewer didn’t like popular books.

So what to do? For the moment, I’m going to ignore reviews. I think. But the temptation is just too much sometimes, to have a peek, and see what people are saying.


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