Writing By Hand–Validated by Christine Duncan

safehouse1 With the start of the new school year, the debate over whether we should teach our children cursive has started up again. I am always surprised that it is such a debate.

For years, I’ve been telling people that when I get stuck writing, I turn to pen and paper. And for years, I’ve gotten some odd stares when I say that, and a few people muttering under their breath about computer literacy. But there is something about the connection between brain and hand that clears the writing block for me–and appears I’m not alone.

One study by Virgina Berninger a professor of educational psychology at the University of Washington concluded that children wrote faster, expressed more ideas and wrote more in their essays when writing by hand. I know it’s true for me. Brain imaging studies have concluded that writing in cursive activates areas of the brain that are not involved with keyboarding.

Sometimes, it feels as though science has to do studies to prove what we all knew in the first place. But this is a case where I’m glad the studies were done, I was beginning to doubt myself.


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