Happy Fall by Christine Duncan

safehouse1I know that for many, Fall. with its traditional start of the school year, signals new beginnings. I often see writers tweeting about taking courses or having renewed interest in their work in progress. But after a summer’s worth of productivity, the equinox and the slow steady move toward the shortest day of the year is difficult for me. I need the extra light to keep me going.
It’s not seasonal affective disorder, per se. I don’t get depressed as much as I get time challenged. There is not as much time to go out and run, because at 5:30, in the Fall and Winter, it’s freakin’ dark. And cold, let’s not forget cold. And since my run tends to move toward after work, there is less time to do the Fall cleanup in the yard, less time to do the cooking and the cleaning and the writing.
It should mean that since I’m running in the late afternoon, that there is more time in the morning, and therefore I can move my writing to the 5:30 a.m. slot but experience tells me that the equinox is soon followed by the first snows and I will be spending more time on the road commuting to my day job, shoveling snow and inevitably, picking up someone in my family who is somehow stranded in the snow with an uncooperative vehicle.
The start of fall is also followed closely by the holiday, or so it seems. So there is more cooking, and cleaning, and shopping and wrapping.
You’d think by now, having noticed this trend, I would have figured out a way to work around it. I should at least, have learned to go with the flow. But I don’t like the idea that my writing productivity is seasonal. I see myself inevitably moving toward the don’t-go-to-bed-until-I-write-a-page-longhand point again. And that makes for some late nights.
Anyone else find themselves writing less when the light goes? Anyone have a solution?


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