It Doesn’t Stop

The plan was – the first book is finished. The second in the series requires a lot of research. Do the research, and then write the book.

At least, that was the plan.

I started on the research, which I enjoy. I find it sparks the story in my mind, and makes everything clearer. I didn’t want to write the book until it was done – no point wasting three pages describing a Victorian hospital ward in detail if it turns out they look completely different to how I’d imagined. So, no writing.

Well, that didn’t work. Despite my best intentions, scenes would keep popping into my head, and once there, they wouldn’t go away. So I wrote them, to insert later. And then another scene would pop up and another and another….

I still haven’t officially started writing the book yet. I still haven’t finished the research. But I cannot stop writing the little scenes that get stuck in my head. So here I am, writing and writing away, jumping from scene to scene all over the book, still with only a hazy idea of some of the details.

It turns out, no matter how carefully I plan, I just can’t stop once I’ve started. By the time I’ve done the research, I’ll have written half the book in these little scenes.


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