New Technology, Same Old Writer by Christine Duncan


  My library has recently started letting their patrons check out e-reader tablets. I’ve been wanting to decide if I should buy a tablet so of course, I was excited about checking one out.

I had an old Ipaq that I use for an e-reader and years back, I gave my husband a Sony that he still uses. They do the job but you start hearing about new technology and you wonder what you’re missing.

    My conclusion?  Not one darn thing.  The tablet is a great e-reader but has too many of the quirks I objected to with the Ipaq.  The battery runs out quickly, and sometimes (actually way too often for my small store of patience) the touch screen is less than responsive.  And some things still look pretty darn funky on a small screen even when you have the “mobile ap.”

    I started talking to people with pricier technology than my library can afford and they all agreed these were problems unless you bought an Apple product which seemed to be much more responsive and have a decent battery life.  That settled it then I’d buy…a laptop.

    The one thing an Apple can’t fix is my tendency to use the tablet, not for my writing, or even so much for my reading as for my procrastinating.  I play MahJong.  I check Facebook and I check the weather and of course, my email.  Is this fun?  Sure.  Is it what I want out of more technology?  Not so much.

     Several years back an older writing friend bought an older thing–I don’t even know what to call it.  She could write on it.  And that was it.  It had no internet, no gaming capacity and it had to be connected to a computer to download what was on it fairly frequently as it didn’t have an overwhelming amount of memory.  It was lightweight, very portable and had a great battery life.  My friend loved it.  You see, she couldn’t use it to screw around on so when she went on trips, or just wanted to write at the corner coffee shop, it was there to remind her to keep up with her writing.

    I am beginning to see the light.



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