Support Your Local Writer by Christine Duncan


I was browsing crimespace when I came across a post from someone who is challenging himself to do a  sort of a nanwrimo type exercise, where he would write a certain number of words a day to finish up his novel by the end of the month.  I am in awe.

   I haven’t done Nanomowrite yet, ever (although I am hoping to do the camp next year) but I would think a good part of what would motivate me would be the accountability.  If I said I’m make x words a day and put that in a forum somewhere for all to see, that would motivate me.  This guy is doing that by writing the blog post, of course, but who is going to remember if next week, he doesn’t make the count?  He will and probably his wife and her mother but you know what I mean.

   Having had that thought got me to wondering though.  Maybe this writing thing is not quite as solitary a thing as I think it is.  Of course, no one is with me when I’m writing, but if I write so I will be able to bring something in to critique or I write so I can put a number down for nanowrimo then this must be an activity that I do to be social.  Sort of. 

   Think about that.

  We all are a form of support for each other as we blog or critique.  I got that.  But by writing in response to that support, you’re saying something too.  Or maybe I’m just too deep for myself today.  But at least I put down in writing yet again that I am doing Nanowrimo camp next summer.  You guys hold me to that.


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