More Social Media by Christine Duncan


A couple of weeks back I recommended the Marketing for Romance Writers summer camp to learn about promo.  I went and I have to tell you I never knew there were so many social networks I wasn’t using. 

    One I’m thinking about for this blog is Triberr.  It’s a network to share blog content as far as I can tell.  I can’t tell much because you need Twitter and my twitter account is currently (yes this is the second time this happened) not accessible because I changed email accounts and can’t remember what I changed the password to AGAIN.  ARGH!  Twitter does not even delete the old account ever as far as I can tell. So I have to set up a new account again.

   Still, triberr does sound promising.

   Some authors talked about using Pinterest for their books, pinning up their cover art and even doing stuff with their characters.  I’m on Pinterest so I may give this a try but I have to say, most of my stuff is about my life: running, gardening, the stuff going on with my kids.  I’m not sure I want to share all of that.

   Buffer was another thing that authors on Marketing for Romance Writers raved about.  Apparently you can set it up with all your social media: twitter, facebook, linked in, your blog so that you just tell it  what pictures or text you want shared and it does it for you via an app for your browser or your phone.  This is supposed to save you lots of time so you can promote and still keep your day job. 

    My husband was in favor of that.

   Another networking thing I heard about lately , although not at summer camp is KLOUT which apparently measures how much influence you have.  While I can see why companies might want to do this, or even politicians, the use for most of us escapes me.

   Anyway trying any of these?  Tell us how they work for you.



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