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safehouse1I went to see the movie White House Down last night. It was fun and I recommend it to those who like fast paced action movies. But a little girl in the movie corrected her Dad when he talked about her blog. “Dad, no one calls them blogs anymore.” Granted the little girl’s blog was more of the video type so I guess it’s a youtube submission of some sort, but it got me to thinking. What else can you call this?

So I started with the thought that I needed a definition of blog. Macmillan dictionary says this:”a biographical web log: a type of diary (=record of what someone does each day) on a website that is changed regularly, to give the latest news. The page usually contains someone’s personal opinions, comments, and experiences.”

Diary? Really?

Wikipedia says this: “A blog (a contraction of the words web log)[1] is a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web and consisting of discrete entries (“posts”) typically displayed in reverse chronological order (the most recent post appears first.)

Huh. That’s closer but it’s still a mouthful. When we humans do something a lot, we usually have a lot of words for it. Look up just how many words there are for walk, for example. You can stroll, lope, amble, stride, promenade, step or pace to name a few. What other word can I use for blog? And why did that little kid in the movie bother me enough that I had to keep looking this up?

Finally I googled just that question. What is another word for blog? It wasn’t as productive as you might think. Faith writers wrote something on the fact that we writers are very familiar with the question, “What’s another word for…?”

Someone from the University of Wisconsin at Madison must have used the question to tag his post but the post was about Twitter, which I suppose is a microblog. And Wikipedia opined that blog is “a contraction of the words web log.” Uh huh. Got that already.

Sometimes even the facts about something don’t really explain what it is.

This blog isn’t an account of what we do by any means, and weblog sounds like something out of S/F. You know, “Captain’s weblog star date 2….” I’m not sure it fits how I feel about what we do here.

I suppose it’s a kind of article, except that sometimes I feel as though I’m seeking information from you folks who read it as much as giving any. It’s not news, that’s for sure.

I’m stuck with the thought that it’s just social media in another form and that sometime in the future, we will feel the need to give it more names that are more descriptive. But right now, I’d settle for knowing just what that little girl (or the writer who created her) had in mind when she said no one calls them blogs anymore.


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