The Best Laid Plans by Christine Duncan

safehouse1 I had the impression when I was still working the job that just phased out, that when the job was over and I was unemployed, I would have all the time in the world for writing. I would whip out my work in progress every morning, write on this blog several times a week, and look for work. And I would be back to work in under a month.

Yeah, well, as you can see, since I’m late again writing this, it hasn’t happened. And I can’t even say it’s a lack of discipline. At this point, I’m calling it a God thing. I guess He knew I was going to need some extra time for all the stuff going on.

First off, looking for work takes a little more time than I thought. All of those recruiters out there want me to come in, talk to them, take a test or two or three. None of them are ever anywhere near where I am and so I am always lost somewhere if I’m not actually at the place where I’m taking the test, trolling for a parking space that won’t cost ten bucks or more as I look at the clock on the dashboard and pray I won’t be late.

The other thing that is going on (besides the flood in my basement. What is up with this weather? Today Colorado had 100% humidity. Colorado never has 100% humidity. I think I died and went to Florida.) Anyway, the other thing is that there is an urban renewal attempt in my neighborhood that my husband and I have been protesting for over 2 years now. The city wants to move in a Walmart and some high density housing. First off, let me tell you I shop at Walmart. However, my neighborhood is already populated and does not have room for this sucker or the traffic it will generate and let’s not even talk about the proposed high rises. So… helping protest that takes a little more time than I planned too.

That is the whole problem. I’m a planner and I would have told you in all seriousness, that that is all it takes to get stuff done. Uh huh.

So today, I’m reminding myself that I did get stuff done and writing written. Resumes, and goal statements, job applications and letters to city council. It’s just not the stuff I planned.


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