Writing Ops for You by Christine Duncan

safehouse1 I have a couple of writing events I want to tell you about. The first is Marketing for Romance’s summer camp which starts Friday. Marketing for Romance is a yahoo group that teaches about promoting your work, for free. Just subscribe at MarketingForRomanceWriters@yahoogroups.com But to go to their summer camp, you do have to join their forum on <a href="http://is.gd/mfrw_campinfo to participate though.

Also July is the month for NANOMOWRITE. Yeah, I know that should be November. But they have a summer camp and it’s already going. I didn’t know they had a summer camp and wanted to tell everyone because really November is a pretty busy month to have to set everything aside and write. So…next July I’m planning on going to camp. This is going to be fun!

Last but not least, given that I’m writing this at the end of the Independence day weekend, I wanted to urge you all to use your writing skills to participate in your government. Too often, we let government happen figuring we’re doing our part if we vote. But government was meant to be participated in. And as writers we have the duty to use our gifts.

Yeah, I’m getting off the soapbox!

Hope it was a great holiday weekend, everyone.


One response to “Writing Ops for You by Christine Duncan

  1. Nice writing article, Christine. Thanks for boosting MFRW!

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