Are Librarians Going Extinct? by Christine Duncan


  I’m looking for work.  I’ve made no secret of that.  So I spend a great deal of my day on sites like, Monster, and LinkedIn.  And while I’m there, I might as well read their articles on how to get and keep a job, right?   Uh huh. 

     I read an article on one of them this week on jobs that might go extinct.  Is your job one of them? And I can’t believe the writer who wrote it has a job and I don’t.  It truly must be all in the marketing.

     For one thing, one of the jobs listed as going extinct was the Ice man.  You know, the guy who used to sell ice door to door to house wives to keep their ice boxes cold.  I hate to tell this writer this, but I have never ever seen an ice man.  He’s been extinct all of my life.

    I don’t think the ice man belongs in an article that is supposed to be about the current job market.  Now if you said the guy who works in a print shop, ehh…With cheap home printers and the like that guy’s job is becoming more and more scarce.

   Then the article went on to raise the question about librarians.  Mind you, at the end of each section, the article answered the questions it raised.  In the case of librarians, the answer was a definitive no.  Librarians are not going extinct.

    No one who has been in a library lately would even think to question that.  Libraries are alive with little ones coming for story time, older kids coming to hang out after school, because they can use the computers for their homework (and their social media) and because their Moms, who can’t afford after school care, are going to pick them up there after work.  They have older folks there, learning to use the computer, reading the magazines.  Librarians are still very necessary.

    I should have written that article.  I think I would have done a better job.  But for some reason, I want a job that pays more than writing. 

Another article I read still puts the average income of a writer under $10,000.00 a year. But that’s a blog for another day.




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