Discipline by Christine Duncan

Safehouse2_cvr I’m late. And I have no particular excuse, other than chronic busyness. I just read Michelle’s last post about procrastination, and I can only agree. I think I’ve written on it more than once myself.

I keep having the same conversation with people lately. I have come to believe that all of life is a head game. I can not say to myself I will (insert activity: run, clean house, write novel, look for job) when I have time. There is never enough time. I have to schedule it as though I mean it.

I run, for the most part, in the morning, before I wake up enough to know I’m running. I can run in the afternoon, but I am more likely to put it off, to tell myself I’m tired, too hot/cold or too busy. I clean the house on this day, look for work at this time.

Writing, I’ve found is the same. For instance, usually I know that I will write this blog on Sunday afternoon. For the most part, nothing interferes with that. When something does interfere, the rule is I get the blog done ASAP after the interference.

The fiction writing goes the same way. I have to set the time. I find that subconsciously, I tend to work on the thing in my head that way, sort of looking forward to it, figuring out what comes next in the story and how I want it to go.

I don’t know whether I’m a robot, or just obsessive compulsive but it works.

But despite the fact that Michele and I are so familiar with procrastination, we have managed to make it to 5 years on this blog. That is freaking amazing.


One response to “Discipline by Christine Duncan

  1. Lemuel Mclaughlin

    Essentially, what I have learned over the past year of staying organized and living efficiently is that the best safeguard against slacking off and procrastinating is doing the task now, whatever it is. I often remind myself that whatever chore I want to put off will be harder later. The anxiety that procrastination causes is much harder than just bucking up and doing it now.

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