Spirit is Willing, Body is Bleurgh

Once again I’ve fallen behind schedule, and once again it’s to do with my health. I have colitis – it’s mild, and mostly manageable. But every once in a while my body decides it’s going to start reacting badly to something in my diet, and I become very ill. No details, but you can imagine. Then I have weeks of trying to track down what exactly it is making me unwell, whilst I get sicker. (The upside is, once I find out what it is, I tend to recover fairly quickly).

So, although my mind is busily spinning stories and filling out the gaps and playing out scenes, my body is saying ‘can we just lie down for a very long time now please?’.

A lot of my favourite writers had illnesses, the prime example being the Brontes. It’s only now I really now how that must impacted on them – to have a mind spinning with stories, but not have the strength to hold a pen. Or the massive amount of energy it took to just sit and write when unwell.

I’m better now, and back to writing. But it’s very frustrating to have lost two days of writing because of a health problem. Inspiration can be so fickle, it’s annoying to have to ignore it because I can’t physically write.


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