Happy Memorial Day Everyone! by Christine Duncan


Michelle celebrated towel day this week. Drop her a note if you know what that means! (No, it’s not some obscure British holiday! 🙂

And we in America are once again celebrating Memorial Day.

I know that it’s fashionable to make fun of FaceBook, but I was feeling a little sad. Today Facebook helped make my world a little smaller–which is really why we’re all on Facebook, anyway, I think.

Memorial Day is one of those holidays that can make you sad. It has morphed from the day to honor our heroes to the day to honor all of those people we love who have passed away. And yet, I couldn’t go back to put flowers on the graves of the folks I’m missing.

But today, on Facebook, some kind soul posted a link to my home town news which displayed photos of the town where I was born, complete with the church my dad grew up in and was buried from. My cousin posted a sunset at the Jersey shore reminding me of many happy summers.
And my sister-in-law posted a pic of the flowers on her mom’s grave.

Because we authors are word people, we don’t talk much about pictures here. But sometimes, just a few pictures can bring you home.

Don’t you want to spend some time at your home today?


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