Writing a (crime) novel by Christine Duncan

Safehouse2_cvrI just read Michelle’s post, mainly because my husband just got our other home computer back up and running. It’s old and crochety and kept coming back up with no keyboard or mouse. Luckily I married a man who knows how to reformat among other things.
Michelle mentions the fact that she has felt guilty withholding the villain from her characters. She has known for a while. And I am so jealous. I usually find out these things when I force myself to–somewhere around the end. By that, I figure it out just when the hero(ine) does. Sometimes this makes for some stress.
Sigh. There are many ways to write. Some of us are just more organized. Wish I were.


One response to “Writing a (crime) novel by Christine Duncan

  1. Believe me, next time it’ll be a surprise! It was just this one time, when the whole concept of the awful thing happening was predicated on it being a certain someone….one day, hopefully, you can read it, and know what I mean!

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