Ooh, This Is Fun!

I’ve just written the ‘revelation’ moment of my crime novel, and I think that was some of the best fun I’ve ever had writing.

It’s that moment in every crime novel when all the pieces fall into the police, and the protagonist realises who the villain has been all along. It’s a delicate moment. Is it plausible? Is there a clue I’ve left carelessly lying about that doesn’t fit? Have I forgotten a vital bit of evidence? I hope to goodness the reader doesn’t say ‘well, I knew that 100 pages ago.’ or ‘Who?’ (it can be very annoying when the murderer is someone who has never ever appeared before.)

But apart from all that, it’s so much fun. That moment when your character finally knows what you know is wonderful. I’ve been feeling a little guilty, keeping that knowledge away from them. And there’s a certain excitement to the ‘aha!’ moment, to finally putting those words you’ve been teasing the reader with down on the page.

I always thought writing a crime novel would be difficult, and it is. It requires intense concentration, a very retentive memory and a massive amount of research. But as it turns out, it’s also very enjoyable. I think I’ll do this again.


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