Cough, sneeze, sneeze, cough, sigh.

The blog is very late this week because I have had a bad cold, and you know what they’re like – knock you for six, and leave you unable to do anything but lie on the sofa and cough.

I had a good schedule. I was writing quickly. I was sticking to my timetable. I was getting the work done, and then….I could barely move. So far I’ve missed five days of writing.

Schedules do get messed up. You become unwell, unexpected events pop up, the dog eats your manuscript, every writing implement in the house disappears. It’s almost impossible to stick to a schedule – but I find one is necessary, or I just sit and daydream and never get anything done.

The important thing for me is getting back on track once the crisis has passed. I know I’ll be better again by Tuesday, Wednesday at the latest. The problem is, now I am used to just lying around and doing nothing. I will have to gently persuade myself back into it. I can’t jump straight back into the amount and speed I was writing at before. I’ll have to build up again – 3 pages the first day, 4 the next.

Hopefully cold season is now over.


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